City Departments

City Manager’s Office

Raul L. Mendez  – City Manager

The City Manager is directly appointed by the City Council on the basis of executive and administrative qualifications and serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of the city. The City Manager is responsible for the administration of the city government. Among his many duties is to administer and exercise supervision and control over all offices, departments, and services under his jurisdiction; and to make recommendations to the Mayor and the City Council concerning the operation, affairs, and future needs of the city.

Community Development Department (Planning, Public Works) 

Jaylen French – Community Development Director

The Planning Division works with citizens in the development process. The Planning Division  processes General Plan amendments, zoning changes, subdivisions, use permits, and annexations. The Community Development Director assists the City Council and the Planning Commission plan by designation of areas for residential, commercial, and industrial growth through the City’s General Plan.

The Public Works Division is responsible to design, maintain and operate public infrastructure systems and facilities including the City’s equipment, vehicles, buildings, parks and streets. The Division provides safe clean parks for recreation, an ample supply of safe drinking water, and an effective sewage disposal system.

Finance Department 

Shannon Esenwein – Finance Director

The Finance Department is responsible for all of the City’s financial operations. These include the collection and disbursement of funds, banking and investment management, accounting and auditing, financial analysis, reporting, payroll, budgeting, cash management, utility billing and collection, business licensing, and information services.

The Finance Department oversees the fiscal affairs of the City and provides related financial services. These services include budgeting, cash management, accounting, utility billing and collection of taxes, fees and fines. In addition to these financial services, the Finance Department administers the City’s refuse collection service and recycling programs.

Also in the Finance Department are other key municipal functions including administrative services, human resources, risk management and city clerk.