Finance Department

Margaret Souza, Director of Finance

The Finance Department is responsible for keeping and reporting the accounting records of the City in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).   This ensures the fiscal foundation necessary to deliver community services.  It provides accurate and timely financial information to the City Manager and the City Council which enables them to make sound business decisions.  The Department of Finance is responsible for the City Budget preparation and compliance, accounting and financial reporting, cash management, debt issuance and management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, business licensing, utility billing, central cashiering and sales.

The Finance Department also includes the appointed office of the City Treasurer who oversees the Investment of City Funds.

FISCAL YEAR 2012-2013 City Budget


The Finance Department is located in City Hall at 7018 Pine Street, Hughson, CA. 95326

Telephone:  (209) 883-4054    Fax: (209) 883-2638

You can call or click on the following for further information:

Payroll & Related Reports and General Ledger 

Lisa Whiteside  Accounting Manager

Accounts Payable and Business Licenses

Kathy Dahlin Accounting Technician II

Accounts Receivable and Utility Billing

Martha Serrato Accounting Technician II