Public Works Department

Dominique Spinale, Management Analyst
Sam Rush, Public Works Superintedent
Office:  (209) 883-4054

The Public Works Department’s primary goal is to provide for the public’s safety.  We maintain, improve, and repair the infrastructure of the City in a cost effective manner while planning to meet future needs.  We do this by optimizing the use of resources allocated by the City Council.

The Department is responsible to design, maintain and operate public infrastructure systems and facilities including the City’s equipment, vehicles, buildings, parks and streets.  The Department will also continue to ensure a healthy environment for our citizens.  We provide safe clean parks for recreation, an ample supply of safe drinking water, and an effective sewage disposal system.

2007 Improvement Standards and Specifications

Contracting Opportunties.  Currently there are no contracting opportunities with the City of Hughson.  Please continue to check the website for updates.  Thank you for your interest in the City of Hughson.