Storm Water

Storm Water

California Stormwater Quality Association

San Joaquin Valley Stormwater Quality Partnership

Storm Water Management Program– City of Hughson

Storm Collection System

In general, the storm water collection system gathers up surface water at various locations through out the city and routes it northwards to the Turlock Irrigation District Canal at Hatch Road.

This system consists of drainage inlets throughout the city that pass water through collection pipe to any of a number of detention basins. These basins serve to temporarily hold a portion of the storm water which in turn lessens its immediate environmental and economic cost impacts further along in the system.

Consistent with current urban planning practice, storm water basins and park sites may be combined to provide dual use.

Storm Water Management Program

Phase II Program


The current storm water collection system is largely the result of those storm water improvements required on newer developments which left older portions of the city under served by less effective collection facilities. Future projects to upgrade the storm water collection system are financed though the Storm Water Capital Improvement Account, which is under Fund 10 of the City Budget. As adequate funding becomes available, improvement projects are planned and scheduled under the City’s Capital Improvement Program.