Hughson Unified School District Resources

Hughson Unified School District:

7448 Fox Road / PO Box 198

Hughson, CA 95326

(209) 883-4428

Resources Available:

Free and reduced meals for students who qualify including free breakfast and lunch for 18 and under through June 30, 2021

After school program from 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm (Please contact (209) 883-4412 for more information)

Mentoring program for students in grades 3rd through 9th (Please contact (209) 883-2256 for more information)

Counselors available at each site for academic and behavioral supports:

Hughson Elementary School (209) 883-4412

Fox Road Elementary School (209) 883-2256

Emilie J. Ross Middle School (209) 883-4425

Hughson High School (209) 883-0467

Valley Community Day School (209) 883-4182

Billy Joe Dickens High School (209) 883-4182

Counseling available through Hughson Family Resource Center

Chromebooks and internet mi-fis for students to take home in grades TK-12 during distance learning and 4th-12th in regular school year are available. Contact school site for more information.

Support is available to families for students wanting to apply for colleges, scholarships and financial aid. Please contact Marnie Smith or Natalie Moring at Hughson High School (209) 883-0467 for more information.

Access to mental health and crisis supports are available at each school site.

For more information regarding the Preschool Program, please contact (209) 883-0798