Hughson’s New Enterprise Resource Planning Software.

In an attempt to improve efficiency in the processing of licenses, permits and utility billing at City Hall, the City of Hughson will acquire a new, fully integrated, state-of-the-art software program.  What will this mean to residents?  We expect residents to notice greater transparency of financial information, improved customer service, real-time customer account information and online customer account capabilities.

Hughson Municipal Water Project.

The City continues to work with the State of California Department of Water Resources to secure a funding plan to construct two (2) new water wells, an arsenic treatment facility and a storage tank to be able to provide the highest water quality possible to the Hughson residents.  The City expects to receive the funding agreement by March.  If so, construction on the $8.3 million project could commence in Fall 2017.

Measure L

In November, Measure L, the countywide transportation sales tax measure passed with nearly 72 percent of the vote, the highest percentage by a first time transportation measure since 1989.  This shows the tremendous need in the community and speaks to the fact that 65% of the funds are going directly back to the cities for local projects.  In the City of Hughson, the pavement condition of all major roadways will be improved over the life of the measure.  Additionally, monies has been set aside to improve the condition of smaller residential streets as well.  The City has developed a detailed project list which indicates when each project is expected to be initiated.  Should you have any questions, please contact Jaylen French, Community Development Director at 209/883.4054 or