Hughson Municipal Water Project

The City of Hughson has initiated a municipal water project, which includes two new wells, an arsenic treatment facility and a 1 million gallon storage/blending tank to address the City’s water quality and reliability issues as well as to ensure adequate supply for existing and future residents and businesses.  This project is referred to as the Well No. 7 Replacement Project.  After a couple of years coordinating with the State, the City was able to secure a favorable funding/financing agreement for the estimated $8.3 million project.  The agreement provides up to $5 million in the form of a grant, with the remaining funding coming from a 0% interest loan with a 30-year repayment.    

 The City’s goal is to provide the highest water quality possible to the Hughson residents and businesses.  The construction effort is underway, with the release of a bid package (technical specifications) for the first component of the project—the drilling of the two wells.  Three (3) additional phases will follow, including: construction of the storage tank, implementation of the arsenic treatment facility, and general well site construction activities.

 For more information, please check back here frequently or contact City Hall 209.883.4054


Technical Specifications for Well #7 Replacement Project