Hughson Arboretum & Gardens

Over 20 years, local resident Margaret Sturtevant dreamed that her property would be filled with beautiful trees, shrubs and other plants that the members of the community could enjoy freely, for relaxation, meditation, walks, or other uses. Since that dream, the Hughson Arboretum and Gardens has developed into a beautiful site, which includes hundreds of trees and plants, some historical in nature. The Arboretum and Gardens has since included information on the plants and makes the property available to students, plant aficionados and others wishing to take in the scenic beauty of the area.

The mission of Hughson Arboretum and Gardens is to plant, maintain and make available to the public, native tree and plant species, trees of historic value, or other types of plant material to promote education about and appreciation of our natural environment, to encourage the preservation of native plant species, and to provide the public with a place of peace and quiet contemplation.