Our Government

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The City of Hughson is a General Law City that operates under the Council/Manager form of Municipal Government.  This system provides for an elected group (the City Council) to set policy and give direction on all matters concerning the City.  This policy and direction is then carried out on a day-to-day basis by the City Manager, who is assisted by employees in various City Departments.  The City Manager is hired by the Council and appoints all other City employees, except the City Attorney and Treasurer, in accordance with adopted guidelines.  Council members are elected every four years on an overlapping basis.  This means at least one Council member and the Mayor are up for election every two years.  Council elections are non-partisan and members are elected as at-large representatives of the citizens.

The office of the Mayor is an elected position for a term of two (2) years.  The Mayor is the Presiding Officer at City Council meetings.  As such, the Mayor is responsible for the maintenance of order and decorum at all times.  The Mayor calls the meeting to order and during the session all persons wishing to speak must first be recognized.  The Mayor signs all ordinances, resolutions and contracts approved by the City Council and is the ceremonial head of the City, representing the City at official functions.

As elected leaders of our City, the City Council is responsible to ensure the welfare of the people of Hughson.  To that end, they are empowered to pass ordinances and resolutions, approve the spending of money, and set general policy for the City.  At each meeting the Council has a number of items to consider.  Prior to each meeting, the City Manager and staff provide the Council with information and recommendations relative to items on the Council agenda.  Many items require public hearings.  These are placed on the agenda and during the meeting citizens have the opportunity to voice their opinion  The opinions of Hughson citizens are an important factor in helping the Council decide a course of action.  The willingness of the general public to express their thoughts on issues during the meetings is especially important to the City Council.

The City Council is a vital and dedicated part of the community that is open to positive change, willing to take well-thought-out risks, willing to partner in advancing and improving our community in keeping with the City’s Vision and Code of Ethics.

Council members also serve as City representatives on various regional, state, and local organizations, as well as government boards and committees where the concerns and interests of the City require particiption and involvement.  Council members receive compensation of $250.00 per month and the Mayor $300.00 per month for the respective services.