Commissions and Committees

City commissions were established for the purpose of advising the City Council and providing ongoing input into policies and issues affecting the future of the Hughson community. Citizen input is essential to the success of local government.

Those interested in applying for a position on a commission must be a Hughson resident or live within the Hughson postal code area, and some commissions have additional membership requirements. Applications are available on this website and are accepted when there is a vacancy. Applicants are appointed by the City Council. All meetings are open to the public and copies of the agendas are available at least 72 hours prior to any regularly scheduled meeting

The City of Hughson is committed to its mission of enhancing the quality of life, providing a high level of public services, maintaining economic vitality and retaining the distinctiveness of our community, which is aided through public input. A summary of the City’s commissions, including the specific scope of responsibility is as follows.

Planning Commission

The Hughson Planning Commission meets in the Council Chambers on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. unless otherwise noticed.

The Planning Commission consists of five members appointed by the City Council to alternating two year terms. To be eligible for appointment or to hold office as a member of the Planning Commission, a person shall be a resident and a registered voter in the City of Hughson.

Responsibilities of the Planning Commission range from preparing and recommending to the City Council adoption, amendment or repeal of a general plan, recommending approval or disapproval or modification of all maps or plats of land subdivision in accordance with the Subdivision Map Act of the state or as may be provided by city ordinance; hold hearings on planning and zoning matters as prescribed in the State Conservation and Planning Act or by city ordinance; advise and recommend the acquisition, used, or disposition of all City owned property. Perform all of the functions assigned to a city planning commission by the Conservation and Planning Act and other statutes of the state relating to planning and zoning and perform such other duties relating to planning and zoning as the Council may require by ordinance or resolution. Members of the Planning Commission receive a $50 stipend for each meeting attended.

Parks, Recreation and Entertainment Commission

The Parks, Recreation & Entertainment Commission meets in the Council Chambers on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. unless otherwise noticed.

The Parks, Recreation and Entertainment Commission, which is an advisory board to the Hughson City Council consists of five members, serving alternating two-year terms. No less than three members must be residents of the City of Hughson, but up to two members can reside outside of the City but within the Hughson postal code area.

The commission formulates and recommends to the city council a recreation, park and entertainment program for the inhabitants of the city, promotes and stimulates public interest in parks, recreation, arts and entertainment programs; advise the City Council on parks, recreation, arts and entertainment experiences; and which encourages to the fullest extent possible the cooperation of the local school authorities and other public and/or private agencies or interests. Advise the city council regarding the acceptance or
rejection of offers of donations of money, personal and/or real property to the city for recreation, park and entertainment purposes and use and make recommendations where appropriate. Advise the city council regarding the parks, recreation and entertainment budgets and make recommendations as appropriate. The city council, with recommendation(s) from the Parks, Recreation, and Entertainment Commission, shall by resolution establish, adopt and amend guidelines and policies for the use of facilities within the boundaries of the city of Hughson for city-sponsored and cosponsored recreational and entertainment activities. The city council may by resolution, with recommendation(s) from the parks, recreation and entertainment commission, set fees for rental of parks or portions of parks. The donation of plants, buildings, fountains, sculptures, ponds, pools, or any other item or funds for such item for any park or building shall first be approved by the Parks, Recreation and Entertainment commission. Members of the Parks, Recreation and Entertainment Commission serve without compensation.


The following committees are comprised of members of the City Council, which serves as sub-committees to the City Council on various special topics.

Economic Development Committee

The Economic Development Committee meets in the Council Chambers on the fourth Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. unless otherwise noticed.

The committee is comprised of five (5) members appointed by and serving at the pleasure of the City Council for terms of two (2) years, to include two members of the council, two community members, and the City Manager, with preference given to individuals with professional expertise in agribusiness; commercial real estate financing or development; real estate law; utilities or technology; marketing or merchandising; business or non-profit organization development; training and education; business owners; or participation in business associations and organizations. The City Manager and Community Development Director serve as ex officio members without the right to vote and are not counted in determining a quorum.

The committee focus is to develop and advocate for an economic development strategy that maximizes commercial property tax revenues and generates employment opportunities as part of a broader, long-range strategic plan for the community as established by the City Council; To work with staff to assist in the development of a business incubator in Hughson that helps create new businesses that stay in Hughson; To advocate for state and federal legislation and regulations that advance economic development in Hughson; To work with staff to obtain federal and state grant funds to further the economic development strategy; and To support and encourage new businesses seeking to locate in Hughson and existing businesses seeking to remain or expand in Hughson.

Budget and Finance Subcommittee

The Budget and Finance Subcommittee meets in the Council Chambers on an as needed basis.

The Budget and Finance Subcommittee is comprised of two members of the City Council that meet as needed with City staff to provide direction in the area of budget and financial management. The role of the Budget and Finance Subcommittee is primarily to provide financial oversight for the City.

Responsibilities of the Budget and Finance Subcommittee include reviewing the budget, monitoring adherence to the budget and reviewing the annual audit. Other areas of focus include the assessment districts, revenue generating strategies, investment policies, capital improvement plan, capital facilities fees, and finance management system. Once financial items are approved by the Subcommittee, the items are brought before the entire City Council for approval.

Redevelopment Agency – Oversight Committee

The Redevelopment Agency – Oversight Committee meets in the Council Chambers on an as needed basis.

The RDA Oversight Board has seven members comprised of members of several different agencies. A majority of the seven members constitutes a quorum and a majority vote of the total membership of the board is required for action. Board members have personal immunity from suit for their actions taken within the scope of their responsibilities. The oversight board has fiduciary responsibilities to the holders of enforceable obligations and taxing entities. Health & Safety Code Section 34179. The holders of enforceable obligations are owed money by the successor agency. The taxing entities will receive property taxes after the following payments have been made: pass-through payments: enforceable obligations; and successor agency administrative costs.