Parks, Recreation & Entertainment Commission

The Parks, Recreation & Entertainment Commission (PR&EC) meets in the City Council Chambers on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm, unless otherwise noticed.


PR&EC Commissioners:

  • Chris Barth, Chair

  • Donya Nunes

  • Amy Hamill

  • Alina Combs

Agendas and Minutes:

DateAgendaAgenda with ReportsMinutes
January 12, 2021AgendaAgenda with ReportsCancellation Notice
February 9, 2021AgendaAgenda with Reports
March 9, 2021AgendaCancelledCancelled
April 13, 2021AgendaCancelledCancelled
May 11, 2021AgendaAgenda with Reports
June 8, 2021AgendaCancelledCancelled
July 13, 2021AgendaAgenda with Reports
August 10, 2021AgendaCancelledCancelled
September 14, 2021AgendaAgenda with Reports