City Manager’s Office

The City of Hughson operates under a Council-Manager form of Government. The voters elect the City Council and the Council appoints the City Manager. The City Manager appoints all subordinate employees of the City of Hughson with the exception of the City Treasurer, the City Attorney and the various members of Boards and Commissions.

The City Manager serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the City and directs the activities and operations of all departments, assists the City Council in the conduct of City business and provides administrative oversight to the operation and policy function of the City Government. It is the duty of the City Manager to enforce all laws and ordinances of the City and to see that all franchises, contracts, permits and privileges granted by the City Council are faithfully observed.

The City Manager is the finance officer of the City, and has a duty to control, regulate and authorize the purchasing and fiscal management activities of the City and keep the City Council at all times fully advised of the financial conditions and needs of the City. In addition to any other duties as may be delegated by the City Council, it is the duty of the City Manager to prepare and submit the proposed annual budget and annual salary plan to the City Council for its approval.

The City Manager also serves as a Board Member to the Oversight Board of the Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency for the City of Hughson, the Southeast Stanislaus Communities Family Resource Center Advisory Board, the Stanislaus Animal Services Agency, the Stanislaus Council of Governments Management and Finance Committee, and the Consolidated Emergency Dispatch Agency Commission.

The City Manager works closely with the City’s public safety providers (Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department and Hughson Fire Protection Services), as well as the Hughson Unified School District.

MERRY MAYHEW, City Manager

Phone: (209) 883-4054


2019 City Goals Report (Approved July 8, 2019)

2018 City Goals Report (Approved February 26, 2018)