Code Enforcement

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The City of Hughson’s Code Enforcement program is intended to promote the general health, welfare, and safety of the City and its residents, enhance the quality of neighborhoods and protect property values.  Code Enforcement is an integral part of the City’s commitment to neighborhood improvement. When homes and businesses are properly maintained it has a positive effect on the overall appearance of our City.

The City has developed a team approach to Code Enforcement, which is carried out by the CE Officer in coordination with Hughson Police Services, the City’s Building inspector, and the Community Development Department along with other City departments and multi county agencies. The goal of the Code Enforcement program is to improve the aesthetic quality of every neighborhood, to makes homes, businesses and public spaces safe for all individuals.  This is accomplished through education where appropriate and stricter administrative efforts when necessary.  The City seeks to remedy existing code violations which could have a negative impact on the property, neighborhood, and the City of Hughson as a whole. Through voluntary compliance, cooperation, and a spirit of personal responsibility for the well-being of our community, the program will succeed in making Hughson an even better place to live and work.

The basis of the Code Enforcement program rests upon each of us acting as good neighbors. We all have property rights that protect us; however, this also implies that a property owner has certain responsibilities. No property within the City may be used or maintained in a manner which downgrades the value, use, enjoyment, or safety of one’s own or surrounding property.

Common Neighborhood Code Violations

All of the problems listed below are contributors to the decline of residential neighborhoods. Not only are conditions of this type unsightly, but they could present a health or fire hazard.

Code violations can exist in any neighborhood. Usually these conditions have not been corrected because a property owner is unaware he/she is in violation of a code. We hope that the following information will help you to understand commonly cited violations of the City’s Municipal Code.

  • Unsightly conditions on private property, including overgrown weeds, trash, junk, debris, discarded or unused furniture, and trash cans stored in public view.
  • Housing deterioration as a result of lack of maintenance: including broken windows, lack of paint, etc.
  • Unsafe buildings, structures or equipment such as garage conversions, and any building construction and/or alterations without a required permit are not allowed in the City.
  • Animals (other than household pets) as a nuisance.
  • Nuisances dangerous to children, such as abandoned refrigerators, broken equipment and unprotected or hazardous pools and bodies of water.
  • Stopping, standing and parking of vehicles and/or recreational vehicle parking requirements.
  • The existence of abandoned, wrecked, dismantled or inoperable vehicles or parts as a public nuisance on private or public property is prohibited and can be abated by the Hughson Municipal Code.

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Enforcement and Education Efforts to Begin This Year

The Hughson City Council directed City staff to develop a Policy to address the use of illegal fireworks in the City by allowing public safety personnel to enforce this activity. Ultimately, the Policy will address the responsible party and a monetary penalty for any illegal activity.

Press Release 6/13/2019

Press Release 6/25/2018

Video: Cal Fire Firework Safety

Fireworks Ordinance 2018-05 Passed and Adopted November 26, 2018