Public Works

The Public Works Department provides essential services to the community, including water supply production and treatment; wastewater and stormwater collection. The Department’s purpose is to develop and maintain the City’s infrastructure, buildings, grounds and vehicular equipment, and provide specialized community services, including assisting law enforcement and Fire District with emergency response and site management.  The Department provides maintenance services on streets, parks, City trees and landscaped areas. In short, Public Works takes great pride in keeping the City looking beautiful.

Public Works operates in partnership with the community to develop and maintain its publicly owned physical assets and is available for municipal emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Department, through a Contract City Engineer, also provides engineering plan check and permitting and inspection services of public works infrastructure improvements, as well as engineering services, MS4 and urban water runoff management and street maintenance.  In addition, the Department oversees the design and construction of City capital projects including buildings, parks, streets, water & wastewater systems, and various other public infrastructure improvements.


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— City of Hughson City Council Workshop —

Water & Sewer

Hughson City Council & City Staff held an informational workshop regarding the City’s Water & Sewer Operation & Infrastructure. Information was provided on the current condition of the current water & sewer infrastructure; the history of the adopted water & sewer rates; and the City’s future needs for these important utilities.

Water & Wastewater Workshop Video
Water & Wastewater Workshop Presentation
Water & Wastewater Workshop Q&A
Water Overview
Wastewater Overview

Improvement Standards and Specifications

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