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2019 Goals Report (Approved July 8, 2019)

Vision Statement: To preserve Hughson’s unique spirit, heritage and character, while creating an undeniably great place to be. 

2019 Goals Report                                 


Conservative and Balanced Budget

On June 24, 2019, the Hughson City Council unanimously approved the Preliminary Budget for the upcoming 2019-2020 fiscal year.

The budget serves as the City’s work plan, translated into expenditures and supported by revenues. The City of Hughson provides a full range of municipal services including public safety, public works, water, wastewater, storm drainage, parks, community activities and general administrative support. The budget reflects a trend of slowing growth in the economy and a conservative approach reducing spending to maintain a balanced budget.

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Based on City Council direction, the City of Hughson held a community meeting on March 28, 2019, to discuss recent concerns expressed by residents regarding animal service issues within the City limits. Stanislaus Animal Services Agency (SASA) representatives were also on hand to provide information regarding the current level of service and to answer questions regarding those issues most prominent in the community.

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Enforcement and Education Efforts to Begin This Year

The Hughson City Council directed City staff to develop a Policy to address the use of illegal fireworks in the City by allowing public safety personnel to enforce this activity. Ultimately, the Policy will address the responsible party and a monetary penalty for any illegal activity.

Press Release 6/13/2019

Press Release 6/25/2018

Video: Cal Fire Firework Safety

Fireworks Ordinance 2018-05 Passed and Adopted November 26, 2018

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Portable Observation Device

To proactively address its goal ensuring the safety and security of the community, the Hughson City Council has allocated funding for the placement of public safety cameras throughout the City. The cameras are intended to deter criminal activity and assist law enforcement efforts. Phase I of the effort will include six (6) Portable Observation Devices—a self-contained camera system—to be placed along major corridors of the City. It is anticipated that the City will implement a second phase of security devices in the future.

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